Stormbreaker, The Aftermath: What Went Down at Empire East’s 25th Anniversary Concert

Empire East commemorates its 25th anniversary on July 15, 2019, at Xylo at the Palace through bottomless hurrahs (and drinks!), headbangs, chants and sing-alongs. Urbandub and KZ Tandingan made everyone swoon as they join the party and perform their hit singles. The management and employees, and everyone who were present at the event sang their hearts out and danced along to the beat as they indulge themselves in the party atmosphere.

There is no better way to end a hyped-up celebration than to recollect remarkable memories! Just when you thought that a party can’t get more stellar, Empire East jots down the most notable memoirs from the jubilee.

Curious on what went down at the Stormbreaker Anniversary concert?


Loud chants and glares

What do you expect from an EDM party? Loud music and blinding lights line up for the “musts.” Employees were welcomed by the sound of pop music as the facade of photos from the past two decades playing on the gigantic screen. Xylo echoed with waves of laughter as they watch and reminisce the tales that are unheard of behind every remarkable photo.


What A Feast!

Employees ramp from the bar’s entrance to their tables as they delight themselves with the static sound of EDM. What happened next was a full night of buffet at the bar counter. A vegetable salad with a mouthwatering dressing, soup for the appetizer, pork belly for the main dish, creamy pasta as a tweaker, and mini-cakes for dessert– what a tremendous pre-concert treat!


Bashed out with Urbandub and KZ Tandingan!

As authentic as their band name sounds, Urbandub never fails to make a lasting impression whenever they set their feet on stage. They owned the crowd as they sang their hit songs and made the employees feel the nostalgia from the alternative rock era; they warmed-up the celebration as they beguile the audience for almost 30 minutes of the classic Urbandub playlist.

KZ Tandingan rocked the house down with her unwavering charisma and talent. She performed some of her latest hits including her rendition of Two Less Lonely People in the World, Huling El Bimbo, Pare Ko, and her award-winning piece, Rolling in the Deep. 45 minutes have never felt more fun!


Departments’ Show-off

Blazing colors and sparkles emerge from the venue as employees flaunt their colorful attires. Representatives from each department showed off their best dance moves and grooved to different music that is related to the music era they represent. Lucky ones who were randomly selected also got the chance to perform and boast their hidden singing skills as they did a duet with the one and only Soul Supreme, KZ Tandingan.


Charlie’s Notable Speech

Every company event won’t be complete without the President’s heartfelt notes. Empire East President and CEO, Atty. Anthony Charlemagne C. Yu delivered his anniversary message celebrating all the employees’ contribution to the company. The party halted for a while; employees lent their ears and looked back to what happened over the past 25 years.


Fireworks and… more sparklers!

Company’s department heads lined up with Atty. Yu for a celebratory photo holding their own sparklers which were lit up to the beat of Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks.’ The venue was pounded with applause and cheers– a celebratory sound of 25 tough but successful years.


The Stormbreaker was indeed a blast. This year’s bash was not just an ordinary party, but a celebration of 25 years of Empire East’s commitment to providing Filipinos with quality homes and building more sustainable and unparalleled communities. Truly, the storm that blew Empire East for 25 blustering years brewed the company to what it is today– conquerors, Stormbreakers.




“That is why we call ourselves Stormbreakers. We realize that there will always be good and bad seasons, but for as long as we tighten our grip and our faith from within; we will not easily be blown away.” -Atty. Charlemagne C. Yu, President & CEO, Empire East

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