10 Interior Design Stereotypes It’s High Time We Forgot

we all are used to buying tables and chairs from the same collection. If you buy a bed, it should be part of a bedroom set.

But today you can forget about all these stereotypes. Bright Side will tell you which rules you can break.

10. Matching sofas and armchairs

Many people are used to the idea that furniture should be bought only in a set: the sofa and the armchairs should be the same. You no longer have to stick to this rule. You can buy completely different armchairs to go with your sofa. What really matters is that they are similar to something else in your home.

9. Bedroom furniture

You don’t have to buy a bedroom set. You can live without it and just buy some nice tables.

8. White walls

Yes, your walls can be white without looking like a hospital — as long as you don’t put too many white things in the room. The most important thing is to plan the emphasis correctly, and your interior will be very light and attractive.

7. Furniture along the walls

This opinion is very popular because people think that this gives them more free space. Well, yes, if the room is small and there are no other options. However, if it’s big enough, you can easily forget this stereotype.

6. Trivial tiles in the bathroom

5. Matching table and chairs

You can make your kitchen interior more diverse if you buy a table and chairs from different collections. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Big pieces of furniture

Big armrests and big sofa backs are not popular anymore. Simple shapes and small sizes are more popular today. When you choose furniture, remember one rule: the smaller your room is, the smaller your armchairs, sofa, and table should be.

3. A brightly colored child’s room

A child’s room can be calm without very bright colors. In such a room, a child’s imagination may develop better. A calm room can be made more interesting with toys, posters, and different drawings.

2. Concrete is too rough

There are many ways to use concrete in your interior. It looks very good in a modern design. Its big advantage is that it’s water-resistant, so you can even use it in a bathroom.

1. Net curtains

If you really want to, you can easily do without net curtains. Small rooms will even look bigger without them.