Five ways to GET CREATIVE in your daily commute!


  1. Try sending a pa-sweet message to manong Uber or Grab driver.


By ‘pa-sweet’, we don’t mean the malicious kind! You see, our Grab and Uber drivers are also humans who get weirded-out by traffic. Sometimes, when you request for a ride, none of them come! But that’s only because they may be pre-occupied with other passengers or they may be weighing the amount of time they’d be spending stuck in traffic. So what do you do? If money tips don’t work, try sending a kind message to your driver. Just a simple “please” or maybe a quick joke that could help your driver crack up a smile may be something that could trigger his happy attitude and pick you right up anyway!

These apps provide a way to send messages anyway, might as well use it for the benefit of everyone. In a society that is generated by human connection, albeit the technology that seemingly separates direct conversation, learn to appeal to emotions and be surprised at where it can take you.


  1. Befriend a senior or a preggy mom.


If you are the type of commuter who takes the MRT, you would know that like everyone else; you have a line to follow before you could get into the train. However, a particular lane is dedicated to seniors, pregnant citizens, and children who have the priority to enter the first coach before anybody else does. Now this may be tricky (and you might have to choose when to do this! Maybe only when you have this super important meeting to attend), but if you have the friendly disposition to strike up a conversation, are kind, and have the skill and confidence to ask a passenger to accompany them, then you might just find yourself scoring a space from one of those coaches hassle-free.

By rule, one senior citizen or pregnant woman is allowed one companion inside the platform. This is a genuinely legal way of commuting. But please be caring for the person who agreed to have you as a company. Guide them as they hop on and off the train and learn to give up your seat to the people in priority.


  1. Ask for a hitch from a motorcycle driver.

Fact: cutting through traffic via a motorcycle is fast. Motorcycle drivers have a way to slide through the mess given that their vehicles are smaller than other cars. But be very careful, as it is also dangerous. Only the experienced “go-getters”, like a mountaineer who can easily befriend strangers and take on any kind of adventure, may find this option comfortable. It’s just a matter of striking up a conversation again. Of course, ask if it’s ok to be dropped off at an area along the way. If this doesn’t work, then go ahead and take tips number 1 and 2; or better, see figure 4!


  1. Try grabbing a chopper
Photo courtesy of Grab

This may be a little absurd but can still be an option, why not? Grab for instance launched a GrabHeli a few years ago that lets you request a – yep! – Helicopter to take you anywhere in Metro Manila.

Another option is ‘’ which is a website that promises to give you a fast and convenient ride to anywhere you wish to be in Metro Manila (or beyond!).

Besides, who wouldn’t want a 10-min. travel time to your CBD?! Be prepared for the price though! For instance, Manila to the Fort BGC requires a minimum of Php 22,900 fare for three people! (Doing the math, that’s Php 7,633.33 each)! Well, for the purpose of trying, will you be willing to spend this much?

*For those who would try this though, please send us a photo of the city-view from above, will ya?


  1. Message your car group members and ask for a ride!


Depending on the type of car you drive, there will always be an active Facecbook group that you can join. For instance, the Toyota Innova Club the Philippines is quite active in a lot of road updates, traffic stories, and vehicle maintenance conversations.

So active are the members, that they would sometimes schedule a meet-up – which allows them to make friends online and offline. When you post for help, say for a flat tire, there will always be someone passing along the same street to help you out.

Why not use this “power” of connection to your advantage? During days when you want to hitch a ride, simply message the group for anyone passing by your route and see if they are willing to give you a ride.

Of course, warnings and cautions are in order here. Remember that you may be riding with total strangers! So make sure you make the necessary precautions – texting your parents or partner about who you’re riding with or where you’re going! To be totally on the safe side, at least do this when you have another friend with you.

Another way is to download carpooling apps instead like ‘Wunder’. Though the app is free, hitching a ride comes with a minimal fee. You can arrange for a meet-up time and drop-off place, which may greatly help you get to your office on time.


For those of you who can say that they can NEVER do anything listed above, it’s ok! There are a lot of options to get to work on time!

But don’t you ever consider just moving closer to the workplace so that you will not be hassled by any of this dilemma ever again?

Good thing there are lots of condo options available for you! Whether you work at Ortigas CBD, Bonifacio Global City, Makati CBD, or even Alabang, there’s always an address that will bring you closer to these places and more!

Condo developer Empire East offers Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs) that are conveniently located at the most strategic locations in Metro Manila. We need not go far! Some of these projects are found right along the central transportation vein EDSA.

Take Pioneer Woodlands for example. It is located along EDSA corner Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong City and is conveniently bridged to the MRT Boni Avenue station! Another example of a TOD is San Lorenzo Place along Chino Roces Ave. in Makati City, which is directly bridged to the MRT Magallanes station! In addition to TODs, is Little Baguio Terraces along N. Domingo St. in San Juan City. Though not directly connected to any train line, it is situated right in the middle of Gilmore Ave. station and J. Ruiz station of the LRT2 – providing a truly convenient option to get to Manila and Katipunan on both ends.

These developments can help you solve any problem on your daily commute (which is mostly about traffic). It’s also very affordable to acquire! Try to compute for the gas or fare you consume every day of your life and challenge yourseld to have it assessed by our credible sales teams. Undoubtedly, there will be a payment option that can match your daily or monthly expense through Empire East’s Flexible Payment Terms! Call us now at 810-3333 or e-mail