Five Luxuries Our Mothers Deserve

Words are not enough to give back the love that our mothers give. The labor that they went through, hardships endured and sacrifices they experienced are only a few of the things that we can never entirely repay. So, we are bound to love them as much, honour them, and spend time with them more – if it means appreciating everything they have done for us.

As mother’s day draws near, we should aim to reward them with simple gifts they may consider a luxury and a blessing. Here are the five luxuries our mothers deserve:

1. The luxury of time.

Our mothers may become overwhelmed with the list of responsibilities that they have to face each day. Every so often, city life becomes stressful.

Your mom may be a superwoman, but she could also use a downtime. We could help her fulfill her dream of spending more time doing the things she loves. Through our support, we could help her maximize her time by indulging her to old passion projects and forgotten hobbies. Aside from self-discovery, of course, there should be more time for her family, too!

2. The luxury of space

Aside from the clutter we find at home, our moms may find the city noise and pollution too much to handle as well. Sometimes, taking the public transportation to the market could be invading one’s personal space especially when one goes through it with thousands of other people running their errands on the streets.

Let us help our moms declutter their surroundings. Give her the freedom to choose where to spend the weekend. Take some of her load such as maybe doing the laundry for her. Give her the space to breathe and rejuvenate.

You may also opt to save her from the hassle of getting to her appointments by driving for her and running errands with her.

3. The luxury of resources.

Moms are known to be meticulous when it comes to their craft and choices. They want everything to be perfect and grand because they want to give the best to their loved ones.

That’s the reason why accessibility to essential hubs around the metro should also be considered. Marketplaces, transportation hubs, central business districts, top schools and universities: these should be your new neighbours if it will significantly help our moms have the things they want as quickly and conveniently as possible! It is practical to be near these places to be able to spend their energy, money and time right.

4. The luxury of sleep.

No one is supposed to work and play every time. We need rest for us to survive another day. It is necessary that our moms can have this luxury too because their bodies demand it.

Consider giving her her well-deserved beauty rest by offering to do her tasks for her while she snoozes.

5. The luxury of a premium lifestyle.

Lastly, our mothers must be treated from time to time to feel young again!

Invest in a home that promises a premium city advantage where she can enjoy life’s conveniences! Take her closer to premium lifestyle hubs in Metro Manila where she can shop, visit her grandsons and granddaughters, and have the means to chase more of her new dreams in life. Let her experience an everyday premium city life with Empire East Elite for only #18KMonthly.

Empire East offers strategically located residential developments near malls, central business districts, top schools, medical institutions and churches that our mothers can go to any time as they please.

Consider Mango Tree Residences along M. Paterno, corner Ledesma Sts. in San Juan City or Kasara Urban Resort Residences along Eagle St. in Pasig City.

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