Why this Condo for sale in Little Baguio, San Juan is the best for your family!

SAN JUAN, Philippines – Every Filipino homeowner in the city would agree that his family is a top reason for buying a home. 

While making adjustments for each member of the family can be quite difficult, living in a well-rounded community takes these burdens away from homeowners. 

As a result, homebuyers look for a spacious home with an exciting mix of amenities while within a safe, accessible city address.  

The thriving condo community of Little Baguio Terraces takes the cake by welcoming city dwellers into a holistic home in the heart of Metro Manila. 

Here’s why this four-tower Condo for sale in Little Baguio, San Juan is the top condo choice for families!

Prime Location


Little Baguio Terraces is located along N. Domingo Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City.

Located at the heart of Metro Manila, Little Baguio Terraces is at a coveted address in San Juan. This condo community is only a few minutes’ drive from main roads and nearby cities and central business districts within San Juan, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, and Makati. 

Its transit-oriented location allows quick access to LRT-2 Gilmore and J. Ruiz Stations, and other public transportation options along Aurora Boulevard and N. Domingo Street that can take you to your destination! 

Exciting Amenities

Little Baguio Terraces offers a healthy balance of recreational activities that the whole family can enjoy. Its facilities include a 14-meter lap pool, outdoor spa, children’s playground, daycare center, and a fitness gym! With these, residents can enjoy a healthy recreation aside from their everyday schedule. 

Wide, spacious units 

While the prime location and top-notch amenities attract prospective homeowners, most clients are determined to be a homeowner after seeing the space. Little Baguio Terraces offers a selection of wide two-bedroom and three-bedroom combined units that fit the budget. These homey units accommodate families with ease! Empire East puts its expertise in turning condo units into cozy homes. 

Thriving Community


Little Baguio Terraces’ prime location is close to schools, shopping centers, leisure hubs, and medical institutions that make up the ideal home for every student, working professional, and new families! The community continues to raise hearty generations of families that lead exciting lives around the heart of Metro Manila. 

Make sure your family’s goals are reached and that you secure their future! This Condo for sale in Little Baguio, San Juan  can offer the best of the city life to every family. 

Call 8810-3333 or email inquiry@empire-east.com to know more.


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