How To Horror-Proof Your City Life


We all love to hear horror stories, especially on Halloween. But as much as we enjoy these stories, in reality, no one would ever dare to live a life of horror!



This is most especially true whenever we think about, sleep at, or just spend our time in the city – traveling, working, or relaxing in the comfort of our homes!



Good thing ghosts don’t show up much around (perhaps due to noise and density, but do give us a lead on where we could find one), however, we don’t notice that we often subject ourselves to major horrors of unplanned city-living more often in our lives. These situations may cause stress, depression, anxiety, and numbness.


So what exactly are these horrors of the city and how can we horror-proof our lifestyles?


HORROR # 1 TRAFFIC: Umuwi nang maaga, umaga nakauwi.



Imagine the horror of heading home from work on time but arriving at home close to midnight? It’s something that we’ve always feared and dreaded yet we experience every day of our lives.


Sometimes, we spend an hour or two just to get home because of the congested roads that block the main transit arteries. Even with fellow Overseas Filipinos who travel from the airport to their houses.


The worst part is that travelling the city may have been causing sad realities like less time spent with loved ones, or doing personal errands.


TRAFFIC-PROOF: The good thing about the traffic situation is that we can always outsmart it by investing in a closer, more accessible starting point. Condos are popular these days not just for having a sense of independence but more importantly, it perfectly delivers the promise of having proximity to the workplace, the airport, schools, and shopping centres. Condos’ accessibility and mobility features are still one of the reasons why people choose to live in this modern home.



Recommended Condos near the workplace: Pioneer Woodlands along Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City and San Lorenzo Place along Makati City. Both are also directly connected to the MRT 3 via Boni Ave. Station and Magallanes Station respectively.


HORROR #2 LATE: Naghabal-habal pero hindi naka-habol.



The Pinoy commuter’s resourcefulness oftentimes sends them hopping on to all sorts of transportation options from Grab Cars, to cabs, and now “Angkas” or the legal app for ‘habal-habal’ (motorcycle) riders. However, no matter how quickly and stealthy the motorbike rider is in squeezing through traffic, it won’t deny the fact that your family home is too far away from work and could only get you through in time on lucky days.


Wouldn’t it be more dreadful to realize that despite the heart-pumping, kinda-dangerous transit option, you’d still arrive late? Is it truly worth it?



LATE-PROOF: Allow yourself to have a lead time. Wake up an hour earlier, or at best, move closer to work (see Number 1.) An example of homes close to the CBDs and the U-belts (for students) are Little Baguio Terraces along N. Domingo St. in San Juan City and Covent Garden along Magsaysay Boulevard in Santa Mesa, Manila.


HORROR #3 BAHA: Swimming daw. Akala mo sa pool sa baha lang pala.



“Swimming time!” Is often one thing that most Pinoy families love to hear. After all, our country’s filled with beautiful beaches to choose from! For those who prefer the city, swimming pools are great alternatives. However, the country may also have its down times especially when we hear reports on flooding during a heavy downpour. It is no secret that some Metro Manila places endure the hassle of this phenomena.



FLOOD-PROOF: Good news is that we can always choose to live in a place with higher grounds. You can bet that living on high-rise developments could help keep your feet and body dry the whole wet season. And instead, enjoy more swimming at the exclusive pool amenities available exclusively for homeowners. Consider The Rochester along Elisco Road in Pasig City for instance. Its mixed high- and mid-rise towers allow residents with enough height that protects against flooding.


HORROR #4 HOLDAPER: Kikiligin na sana kinilabutan pa.



We hope this one won’t ever happen to anyone. But most city roamers swear by an instance when they just suddenly felt an arm wrapping around their shoulders or waists only to find out that they have fallen victim to these. Filipinos deserve better protection especially when living in the city.



SNATCHER-PROOF: Living in a condo means enjoying that privilege of a gated community or 24/7 security with modern CCTV features. This safety and security is an element of city living anyone with a family should invest in. Be smart and protect yourself.


HORROR #5 OVERCROWDING: Sa sobrang sikip, pati amoy kumakapit.



The streets have fumes we sometimes cannot control. But having toxic fumes or bad smells within our own homes is unforgivable. So much so, when we choose to have a home that is also overpopulated that we can’t help other people’s odors mixing with our own. There’s no hate here. Only that we also value personal space. Density is a common problem, especially in some homes.



CROWD-PROOF: Choose a home that promises bigger spaces and less density. Such as Mango Tree Residences along M. Paterno Street corner Ledesma St. in San Juan City. With only 6-10 suites per floor, expect a tolerable amount of people in common areas with huge respect for privacy and personal space as well.


Now that you are aware of the horrors you may possibly experience in the city, you can now be more vigilant and be wise enough to solve them the soonest.