#StayInStyle: Top Five Looks Every Urban Professional Should Cop Around Mandaluyong City


Living in the Tiger City of Mandaluyong, allows colossal lifestyle perks, including the license to dress up for every occasion!


Because of the readily accessible hubs of recreation and entertainment, as well as world-class lifestyle experiences, this city covers about everything that city dwellers need to accomplish each role in life.


Here are some simple styles that anyone can cop around Mandaluyong City!



Style Inspiration

Nothing can go wrong when we stay classy and elegant. It automatically knocks out any doubt in what we do, and gives us enough confidence in succeeding in that presentation at work! 

Try to stick with dark, neutral and edgy by wearing well ironed out suits and blazers, dresses, and trousers. This dress code often reflects a polished culture and manner associated with luxury and professionalism.

Wear this at Ortigas CBD – one of the busiest business districts in Metro Manila that boasts with skyscrapers, shopping malls, unique restaurants, and nightlife bars. 



Style Inspiration

Make Throwback, Flashback and Wayback a real thing by reliving vintage or retro styles. Classic and timeless, this look makes working more fun and playful with a proven history of both quality and impact. Features that we want to display for ourselves. 

Wear this at Le Petit Souffle, a modern French-Japanese bistro that has stunning garden interiors perfect for reliving romantic date nights with your loved one.


3. POSH and CHIC

Style Inspiration

Be a trendsetter. Start and finish your look with tailored designs and extravagant colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match articles of clothing to achieve both cute and comfy. 

Wear this at Santiago’s Cafe, a quaint cafe reminiscent of summer! Its interiors, inspired by the landscapes of Florida and their love for flamingos, is a perfect place for your much-needed coffee run!



Style Inspiration

Explore your edgy side with Street Fashion usually associated with the youth – free, rebellious and exploratory. This authentic style is significant because it stands out as a way to break from society’s standards to make causes heard and statements owned.

Wear this at Punta Mandala – a Latin-American resto-bar where we can chill after work with friends, officemates and even family! Let our personality stand out and blend with the striking accent pieces in its interiors. A go-to place for a good meal and a good time near your work and home.



Style inspiration

Laid-back and carefree should be our default style whenever we feel like catching a movie, having a grocery run or even having just a quick stroll around the vicinity. No other style can best represent simplicity and comfort. 

Wear this at Black Maria Cinema, a mini theater beside Santiago’s Cafe that screens local and indie films! This cinema accommodates up to 40 people and ensures a full, unique, and intimate movie experience!


Every professional, parent, or student is expected to seek inspiration from the clothes they wear. Because apart from the glamour that comes with having an excellent fashion taste, it also motivates one to succeed in every endeavor.

Allow your residential vicinity, Mandaluyong City, to dictate, create, and recreate styles. One that will allow anyone to live the best kind of city lifestyle. 

Good thing Pioneer Woodlands, a residential community located along EDSA corner Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong City, is an address that could help every urban dweller achieve their styles and accomplishments. With an address that is just within close range to all the places mentioned above and more, living here means having a premium on mobility and accessibility. A distinct feature that the city dweller should have and prioritize.

Pioneer Woodlands is a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) that is directly connected to the Boni Avenue station of the MRT-3. To know more about this project, call 810-3333. You may also follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.