Turning condo spaces into your own empire


It’s a given: condominiums offer a different kind of convenience. For one, living in a condo near your office or school can significantly cut your travel time and spare you from the horrendous traffic, thus allowing you to spend more quality time with your family and friends.


Condos also offer key amenities that can help enhance one’s lifestyle. Some developments meanwhile are more mindful in giving owners ample leg room for their designing prowess.


Empire East’s Little Baguio Terraces in San Juan City, for one, offers considerable space with a floor area of 60 sqm, which can be modified to fit the varying needs of its future residents.


Its proximity to major thoroughfares makes it highly accessible to San Juan’s Greenhills district and nearby premier schools and universities. It’s no wonder that Baguio Terraces is a popular choice among students and young professionals.


The only challenge really is how to turn your unit into a comfortable yet stylish dwelling despite the limited space. A small home can offer expediency, shelter and security. Compact living only means being imaginative in making the most out of these small spaces.



First impressions last. The entry way is the most important part of your home as this is where you welcome anyone who steps into your new home. However, there’s a tendency to neglect decorating the entryway, as some find it too small to bother dressing it up. You can make your home more inviting by putting small accents on your entryway. Hang some frames or mirrors or any artwork on the wall. If you want to give it a more personal touch, you can choose to paint your own walls to make it uniquely yours. While you’re at it, you can get the kids’ idle hands to help you out. This can be a great bonding experience.



Compact living means your living room shares the same floor with your kitchen, dining, and bedroom. Plot the area well to ensure that you have ample spaces for the different rooms. This is where the use of multifunctional furniture is most crucial. A clever way to free up some space is to use a convertible sofa bed. You just need to pull it out when needed then push it back in so you can use the area for other activities. If the space permits, you can have a pop-up trundle as an additional bed for your guest.



You can’t always eat take-out food. Although we’re dealing with small spaces, you can still have a functional kitchen, where you can prepare sumptuous meals for the family. Consider using built-in cabinets and have these installed from ceiling-to-floor or wall-to-wall. This will provide space for appliances and storage for kitchen equipment.



A small bathroom doesn’t need to be dull.Use lots of white and neutral colors to brighten your bath space. But don’t forget to accentuate it with a vibrant pops of color to avoid the white space from looking too clinical. Mirrors can visually help enlarge the spaces, too.


As published by Inquirer.net on August 18, 2018.