Bills, bills, bills!
What could be a good sign of a responsible adult life could also mean we get prone to dizziness and overwhelming emotions! But we can strive to escape the clutch of panic by handling our bills systematically!
Some ways could help you budget correctly to achieve your goal even when your bills are ballooning!
1. Track your spending.
Before you get hyped up on shopping, you must know first where your money goes.
Keep track of records by taking the receipt of your purchases and pasting them into notebooks. From there, you can observe your spending habits  – which among these expenses are ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. With this overview, you can determine what needs to be cut down.
2. Have a goal and a plan.
When you’ve already finished contemplating your expenses, it is now time to act according to realistic goals. For instance, you wish to pay all of your bills on time – that’s a goal! Now all you have to do is plot specifically which days you need to have a certain amount of money for a particular bill.
The key here is to be INTENTIONAL. Sometimes we only think about wanting to pay off our debts, but we don’t do anything about it.
Take out that calendar, planner, notebook or visual board and plot away! Plan and stick to it!
You may also elevate your goals according to your dreams! If you wish to buy a house, then proper tracking and budgeting will help you determine the amount of money you get to save and further consider it for your bigger goals.
3. Make use of available worksheet programs and apps.
There are countless apps that you can download in your smartphone and use as a budget planner like Google Sheet, Mint, Spendee, My Finances, Prism Bills and Wallet. But if you want the traditional way, like recording it on a logbook, no problem!
The important thing is that you consider using a worksheet to help you get more organized in budgeting.  These allow you to create a column in upcoming, current and paid bills so you can visually determine which to prioritize.
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