It’s Fire Prevention Month! Let’s keep our home safe and free from any worries!

Check out these fire safety tips which you can easily include in your daily routine.

1. Make unplugging of unused appliances a habit especially whenever you leave the house. Even thought pulling the plug out of the sockets can become such a hassle, consider the benefits it can give you not only it will prevent you from short circuit fire it can also help you save up on your electricity bill.

2. Get rid and stop holding on to appliances that are defective. You think you’re saving more money for maximizing the use of the old one when in fact it is cheaper when you buy a new one. Also you don’t want to start an electric fire on your residence.

3.  This is something you should do on a daily basis and not only during summer season. Clean up your house, always throw your garbage everyday as we don’t want potential flammable risk stuck inside a bin. Also since its the summer, house temperatures can go way hotter than expected and it could lit small fires in materials that are highly flammable like papers, receipts etc. 


4. It is important to have a fire extinguisher in your house since its the easiest and most effective way to put a fire out. But having your own fire extinguisher comes with the knowledge to use it. Take to time to join seminars that talks about the proper use of fire extinguishers as well as DIY remedies which you can do in case there’s a fire.

5. Every establishment, restaurant or even your house should have their own emergency kit. Always expect the unexpected you never know when accidents can happen. Also being able to give appropriate first aid immediately can help reduce a person’s recovery time and make the difference between the patient having a temporary or long term disability.