Living alone for the first time may be one of the hardest challenges you’ll ever face, which millennials call the “adulting” phase. Renting a place is far more different than having a place you can call your own. When you’re renting, you are free to leave and find a new home anytime you wish, but when you have a permanent address, there’s no turning back – you only move forward.Having a place you can call your own is both a blessing and an aid to personal development. One should understand that it should be a personal decision and not forced.

Here are just some of the vital things you’ll learn from living independently. 

Wake your inner chef.

Eating out or ordering food from outside is the best option for every busy person. But independent living is about discovering yourself. Learning how to cook even just the basics like rice and sautéed dishes will always be the first and most important skill you can learn. By preparing your food, you’ll be able to save more money and can even allocate some of it for your wants like travel, make-up, or a new business.

Be more open to other people. 

Condo living will expose you to different kinds of people with different personalities. Whether you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or ambivert, you will learn how to deal with your neighbors as you interact with them at the elevator, the gardens or the hallways. Living in a condo is the best place for you to develop your social skills. Soon you’ll realize how amazing it is to be part of a community that shares your same sentiments and could offer you help anytime you wish it.

Be less emotional about everything. 

Living by yourself can sometimes feel so overwhelming. Most days you will feel like as if everything is just “too much.”  All responsibilities from doing the laundry to keeping the house clean will come hovering above your head. This is maybe because we were so used to living in our parents’ homes for years and relied solely on them anytime we needed something. But this time, living independently gives us this chance to do things by ourselves and face our fears.

Be smart with your finances.


No matter how many times we hear this from our elders, we still need to remind ourselves how valuable money is. Living alone entails wiser financial management. Develop your own way of saving up. You can try different techniques which you can incorporate into your daily routine like the ‘Three Day Rule’ wherein you wait for three days before you buy this certain item. The ‘Three Day Rule’ is handy especially if you want to control your impulsive buying. Also, don’t buy the first sale item you see. Exciting offers are their all-year round, don’t be a victim.

Develop your own style.


Living by yourself will help you develop your style. No worrying about your family continually sharing their unwanted opinions on what you should wear or how your bedroom should look. You are on your own now, show your personality, experiment with different designs. Design the entire place any way you want as long as it’s your own.

Value space and privacy.

Being able to wear something comfortable and to just be your own crazy self without worrying about what others would think of you is only one of the best benefits you can get from independent living.  You will realize how valuable it is to have your personal space where you can just breathe. With everything that has been going on with your life, a little space to breath is sometimes just what we need.

Respect and Responsibility. 

Having a place of your own will teach you how to respect other people’s belongings and privacy. It will teach you how to be responsible for whatever’s left in your care. Treat other people the way you want to be treated.

Love yourself.

We surround ourselves with so many people thinking that having a lot of friends will make us happy when all we need is just to love our self.   Giving yourself some ‘me time’ whether it’s just an hour’s swim by the pool or at the gym is a great thing and since you have easy access to these amenities within a condominium just makes everything more convenient. Doing what you think is right for you and doing it alone is an empowering moment.
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