1.    Set a goal at the end of the day
There’s no better motivation than self-motivation. You can tell yourself that if you finish all your tasks by the end of the day, you are allowed to come home on time or treat yourself to a good book or a night’s swim – whichever you prefer.
2.    Set a goal for the end of the week!
By delaying your gratification to the weekends, you can envision a rewarding kind of week. You can set your mind to working with all your heart for the next five days or so, and eventually, you get to enjoy your weekend off with no regrets.
Experts say that planning your weekends not only make professionals more enthusiastic to work, but also, more patient in their job results.

3.    Take your break.

Some hardworking people don’t feel the need to take a break. But it’s always advisable to grab that cup of coffee or make a small snack to increase your sugar levels and keep you from dozing off. Besides, we always come out sharper from having a proper break!
4.    Do difficult tasks first.
It’s best to tackle difficult (and supposedly more important) tasks during the first part of the day so that by the end of it, you’ll be left with more manageable tasks to accomplish. This works for people who feel overwhelmed by the number of deliverables they have to do per day. Get that excel file going and monitor away!
5.    Talk to a friend. 
Sometimes, it’s always best to share your job status to a friend at work. Not only does it help you feel a little load off your shoulder by being able to share what you think, but also because subliminally, it allows you to get feedback from another person, which can ultimately help you decide on the next steps to follow.
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