TODs: A perfect antidote to metro traffic

Being able to make that long term investment can be considered a milestone in every Filipino’s life.

Imagine having that opportunity to invest your hard-earned cash to finally purchase your first home. Of course, before doing that, it would be natural for one to know first what he or she is getting into.

In the case of purchasing a home, one must first consider a number of factors: Is the location secure? Is it near your workplace? Does it provide easy access to your children’s school? Does it have complete amenities where you can spend quality downtime with your loved ones? Is the space adequate for you to unleash your decorative prowess?

Quality is of prime importance. After all, your first home must be the realization of everything you have envisioned. It must have life essentials such as comfort and convenience, and a livable place where you can make memories in.

Finest option

Traffic has mostly taken so much time in our lives. The daily commute in the metro has been a terrible ordeal for many Filipinos. So the choice of living near where they work or study becomes the finest option so as to avoid the dreadful scourge of traffic in Metro Manila.

Nowadays, transit-oriented developments have taken center stage. It is the most viable option to maintain one’s sanity and endure city living.

The metro traffic has taken its toll on students who have to endure seemingly endless hours of being on the road instead of focusing their energy and time on school work.

Trusted home developer Empire East Land Holdings Inc. answered the growing demand for developments near educational institutions.

At the helm of Empire East is its president and CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu, who made it his personal mission to provide quality homes with convenient access to schools.

Affordable housing

Investments with Empire East have become synonymous with value and practicality.

Providing affordable housing choices for buyers has been the company’s mantra for over two decades. Such developments offer higher quality of life as well as a highly conducive environment for study.

And one of these projects is Little Baguio Terraces.

Located along N. Domingo Avenue and Aurora Boulevard near San Juan’s Greenhills district, Little Baguio Terraces features amenities and facilities that would inspire young minds to unlock their fullest potential.

It is a safe and comfortable home for young families who are determined to nurture their children’s future.

Little Baguio Terraces is just a bus or jeepney ride away from Centro Escolar University, San Beda College, Far Eastern University, University of the East and University of Santo Tomas.


The ease of commute continues extends up to Katipunan area, where prestigious schools such as University of the Philippines-Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University are presently located. High school students need not lose precious sleeping hours in order to skip the traffic.

Little Baguio Terraces provides access to exclusive secondary educations such as La Salle Green hills, Xavier School, Immaculate Concepcion Academy, St. Paul College, Poveda College and Lourdes School are only minutes away.

Sound marketing practices have so far beefed up all three of the company’s transit-oriented developments—Little Baguio Terraces, Pioneer Woodlands and San Lorenzo Place.

Units in the said locations are nearly sold out.

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