Bring Good Fortune and Prosperity To Your Home

Out with the old, in with the new” is a universal statement that ‘Pinoys’ and ‘Tsinoys’ follow especially during the turn of a new year. And aside from the usual food and temple visits among the Philippines’ Chinese community during Chinese New Year (CNY) preparations, it is also common to thoroughly clean up houses to help ward off ill fortunes and welcome prosperity into the homes.

With only one day left before CNY, we are sharing with you this list of tips and tricks for helping clean up your homes in time for the celebration!

  1. Target dust with the right tools


Dusts are the common culprits in a dirty home. Though some believe it’s “bad luck” to use the broom when cleaning (lest all the good fortunes will be swept out), there are still a lot of cleaning tools to choose from. Start from the basic cloth rags and a bucket of customized cleaning liquid. By simply swiping the rag onto any surface of the house, you  could easily catch not just the visible dirt but also the minute ones.


  1. Decide which goes and which stays

Of course, we have to know when to throw old, dilapidated, and worthless things to avoid the clutter and gain more space. We can do this by segregating the items into boxes labelled “throw,” “recycle,” and “keep”. This will help us organize our stuff better and be rid of things we no longer need.


  1. Have a checklist of areas to clean

Our homes have lots of rooms, and it’s imperative that each is given the right amount of time for cleaning. Have the bathroom tiles brushed, the kitchen counter wiped, the bedroom floor mopped, and the windows washed. In order for us to keep right on track our clean-up mode, it’s encouraged to create a list of things and areas to consider to prevent leaving anything behind.

But with an ample amount of space, enumerating these things and finishing the chores are made much faster and easier! When you live in a two-bedroom unit in Mango Tree Residences, for instance, keeping the place clean even beyond any new year event or celebration is always more achievable as compared with cleaning up taxingly huge houses and lots. Not only that, you may expect that your amenity areas and open spaces are also beautifully kept and landscaped to attract more of the good fortune and prosperity your way.

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