Condo-living is more than just having your place to express your individuality. It is a symbol of commitment both socially and financially. Living in this kind of setting will expose you to endless responsibilities and personal development. So before you go on a solo flight, ask yourself: How fit am I in a condo lifestyle?

1. You prefer living in the nature-rich environment.

You love being surrounded by picturesque gardens and landscapes, but you neither have the time nor patience to maintain them yourself. Living in a condo is your best bet as you will be assured that the shrubs and gardens will always be managed by the admin team of your place. This way, you get to enjoy world-class designed landscapes every day as you may need it.
One such development that offers a magnificent garden landscape is Mango Tree Residences is San Juan City – an Italian-inspired garden community that offers natural-grown mango trees along the perimeter of its 0.3-hectare terrain.

2. You prefer living in a home that gives premium to your fitness goals

Having a fit physique is almost everybody’s goal, but still is one of the most difficult to achieve. Wouldn’t it be great to live in an environment that offers its fitness gym, jogging trails, and lap pools for your exercise use? Prioritize your fitness! Covent Garden, a two-tower community conveniently located along Magsaysay Boulevard in Sta. Mesa, Manila offers these fitness facilities for your convenient consumption!

3. You prefer mobility as the center of  your lifestyle 

If you are the type of person who is always on-the-go, living in an address that is close to vital city hubs is an excellent choice of home for you. Most condominiums make it a priority to get close to the central business districts and transportations hubs that will help make roaming the metro more convenient for students and professionals.
Pioneer Woodlands and San Lorenzo Place are two of Empire East’s Transit-Oriented Developments that pride in its direct bridge to the Boni Ave. station and Magallanes station of the MRT-3 respectively.
Consider these types of condos when you wish to be anywhere you need to be, anytime.

4. You prefer to live in a place that can give you that vacation vibe

Every year we plan these long weekends to maximize our vacation leaves. But a world that offers you unlimited vacation every day is a world we most definitely want to be in! Good thing that most residential condos today are designed with resort-like amenities that ultimately send out that vacation vibe.
Kasara Urban Resort Residences along Eagle St in Pasig City is your best chance of having that coveted resort lifestyle every day. With a roster of water amenities starting from a lake-inspired swimming pool, to a manmade waterfall, ponds, and fountains, feeling like in vacation paradise is your dream turned reality.
5. You dream of having a place you can call your own 
Most growing professionals start with living with their parents. Until the day they move out to rent their own place. But why settle for just renting when there’s an option to own a home?
Don’t waste money by shelling it out on rent without the guarantee that the property will be yours after some time. Considering to buy a condo lets you explore the ways you may split the monthly amortization into specific periods so you can manage your budget well – and secure yourself a home after allotted years.
Real Estate developer Empire East is known for offering affordable payment schemes for all of their pre-selling developments in Metro Manila.
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