Condo-living has become the go-to choice for most aspiring homeowners. But despite its popularity, not everyone truly understands the benefits of a condo lifestyle.

For others, being able to share one roof with loved ones is enough to make one’s home special. But that factor is basic. Through this list, we learn that there can be more.

So what makes these condominiums so different from freehold houses, townhouses or duplexes?

1.  Lifestyle 

Living in a condominium can be tailor-fitted to your lifestyle and personality. This means that if you are the kind of person who loves quiet time and a relaxing ambiance, there’s a condo theme made for you. And if you prefer an address that will take you closer to the party hubs, then you can be assured that there’s also a development made for just that. Condos these days are designed with the vital wants and needs of its future homeowners in mind. So you can be assured that living in a condo will be able to upgrade your lifestyle

2. Accessibility 

Finding the right address that will help you become more efficient in your daily routine just becomes a priority when choosing your own home. Living in a condominium means you get the advantage of living closer to everywhere you may need to be in the city – be it  CBDs, entertainment hubs, leisure spots, medical centers, and even schools.


3. Amenities 

Many are attracted to condominiums because of the facilities such as pools, gyms, playgrounds, jogging trails, and even daycare centers. Being able to access these at your own time and convenience brings a sense of rejuvenation and fulfillment especially among busy city dwellers and families.

4. Creative Freedom

Of course, not having your space may mean restriction in your daily actions, words, and choices. If you are still living with your parents, your in-laws or roommates, you may feel like walking on your toes all the time as you have their needs and feelings to consider as well.

This also extends to the limitations you get when it comes to designing your space or buying furniture. Owning a condo unit fosters your creative freedom because aside from it being subject to your personal taste and liking, the living spaces you acquire are also not too high-maintenance. Living enough room to experiment with designs.

5. Pride of Homeownership 

Let’s face it. Not everyone has the guts, or the opportunity to acquire a place of their own. Buying a home takes lots of research, and of course, money. But it’s a good thing that condominium developers can adapt to the burgeoning needs of home seekers by providing Flexible Payment Terms, and even Zero Down Payment.

Such kind of developer is in Empire East. Just until today, January 31, 2018, they are offering 10% OFF on the total contract price and ZERO RESERVATION FEE. Easing the burden of those who wish to reserve their units already today.

Empire East, one of the country’s top real estate developers, has been creating innovative lifestyles for every aspiring Filipino homeowner. Some of their developments are Mango Tree Residences in San Juan City, The Rochester in Pasig City, Kasara Urban Resort Residences in Pasig City, and Covent Garden in Sta. Mesa, Manila.