Working at an office could be a rewarding experience regardless of your ultimate dream in life. For instance, you may still be dreaming of becoming a pilot one day, a ballerina, or starting a business venture.

But sometimes getting to those dreams don’t seem right at the moment. Perhaps you still have a lot to learn and earn, or maybe you need more experience. But it doesn’t mean that where you are now won’t grant you the successful life you wish to have.

As professional tennis player Arthur Ashe once said, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” This means that while we are given the privilege to earn for ourselves in the workplace setting, let’s do everything we can to use our available resources to benefit both the company and achieve that success for ourselves.

So how exactly do we cultivate success in the workplace setting?


You have to have a vision. Whether you wish to have your ultimate career, material things, or a philosophical pursuit, use a little time to define what you want in life, who you want to be, or how you want to feel. Most visionaries can reach the success that they wish to because they knew how to mentally draw the image of their goals, and then slowly walk to achieve them.

Take Empire East Chairman and Forbes top billionaire Andrew L. Tan as an example. When his family first came to the Philippines, he lived meagerly in a small flat and walked miles to get to school. Now, he is the owner of several businesses including real estate developments that are directly connected to mass transport systems, allowing homeowners to get to school, the malls, shopping centers, and business hubs as quickly as possible. He is known as a visionary that drew up his goals in his mind first, then proceeded to make them happen through carefully thought out decisions.

Make use of your time at work for achieving the dream you want.


As an old passage says, “He who walks with the wise, grows wise.” From here we can learn that choosing the group you hang out with at work could positively help you achieve your goals. You have to choose the people who aim for your success as well. Negative or “bad vibes” co-workers could significantly harm your outlook on life.


Believe in your talent and skills. There is a reason why your boss allowed you to be part of the team. It’s because you have the potential to help the company grow. But ideally, if you do not feel confident in what you do, it will show in your work and affect your path to success. Always feel positive and do your best with confidence.


Complaining about every little situation that doesn’t go as you expect will only create a negative force around you and will affect you negatively.

Speaking only of great things could trick your mind into actually loving what you do. Eventually, you will realize that because of this positive mindset that is free from complaints, all your work will come out great. The greater the work, the more chance of success.


You don’t always have to suffer from the bad things that you can do something about. If your wardrobe already looks old, invest in new clothes. Looking good at work could increase your confidence and help you do tasks well. If you are suffering from any health-related illness that hampers your job, make sure that you follow a healthy diet and maintain your supplements so you can catch up.

If you find yourself consistently late for work, then you can always choose to move to a closer home if only to cut the time and transportation expenses by half. The saved time could help you ease up on your drive, thus making you look fresher upon arrival to the office; and the saved money could help you pay for other needs like pamper sessions or travel.


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