The 5 best ways to make staycations the best vacations

There are thousands of possible things that one can do during weekends. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to achieve that vacation feel.  Take advantage of everything surrounding you.  Do more than just check your facebook feed from time to time.  And rather than feeling bad about yourself for being stuck at home while your friends post vacation photos all day, try looking at the bigger picture. Soon you’ll be treating every weekend as if it’s a holiday that comes only once a year. To give you some ideas here are the Top 5 things you can do during weekend staycations.


  1. Read-a-thon

    Start off your weekend like how you ended your week. READ. It can be You shouldn’t be limited to only newspapers or journals. You can read new novels! You may opt to read one chapter a day – much like how we enjoy our favorite TV series. This will help build up the mystery and entice you to anticipate reading the next pages every weekend.

  2. Sleep-cation

    If only you can put sleep as your one and only to-do list during weekend staycation, I know you will. Turn off your alarm during weekends and enjoy your most deserved rest without the worry of having to check the time. Catching up on sleep during weekends can surprisingly help you feel more energized for the coming week!

  3. Work-it-out 


Most of us complain about how we lack exercise throughout the week because of our   desk jobs. Well it’s a good thing that weekends are here to give you time to burn excess      calories and keep you feeling fit and more confident. Completing a round of exercise,            which includes cardio, stretching and toning can help ease out the stresses and invigorate          you mind and body.

  1. Binge Watch 

    Isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to every weekend? Despite the fact that you’re bffs had watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, you know you’ll be watching it without any interruptions from school or work because you’ve done all of it during weekdays. Also it’s much more exciting when all your TV series are piled up during weekends, it’s like watching a movie that never ends.


  1. SWIM!

    Nothing can spell staycation as much as swimming does. Take out your inflatable pools and set it up at the lawn to replicate that much coveted resort-feel. But it’s even better when you know that you get to have your own set of real, live and glistening swimming pools and water amenities right within your new home! Most families these days opt to live within a gated residential community that promises a vacation lifestyle by providing upscale amenities like a lap pool and kiddie pool exclusively for their use. Having such amenities around can help one rejuvenate instantly, bond with friends and deliver that fun vacation feel every weekend of his life! Real estate developers like Empire East have spent years conceptualizing that ideal vacation home. Now, they have made two developments available to everyone who wish to own a home within a resort-inspired development. One is the Kasara Urban Resort Residences located along Eagle St. in Pasig City, while the other is The Rochester located along Elisco Rd. Brgy. San Joaquin in Pasig City. While located within these thriving Metro Manila cities, one can instantly shift to vacation mode upon entering their lush, nature-themed communities. Having these homes around can truly make staycations the best vacation anyone would ever choose in this modern time.

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