Tick off your checklist with Empire East


There are various factors that all of us consider when looking for a home.

First on the checklist is location. Setting up a home that is located far from the office and especially the kids’ schools is usually out of the question

If given a choice, it is only wise and practical to pick a place of residence that is conveniently near our site of work and places of learning for the children rather than spend nearly three hours of our lives on the road each day, stuck in traffic, going to and from work and school.

Commuting these days has become a lot more difficult, and a transit-oriented address is a huge plus for those looking for a home. It matters to a lot of us to live where there’s easy access to public transportation.

To reside within walking distance of the city’s major thoroughfares, or even an MRT station, is on every urban dweller’s checklist. It makes commuting easier in this bustling city.

Can you imagine having to drive for an hour just for a quick trip to the grocery? Or making a mad dash during rush hour to the bookstore before it closes for the day?

Another major thing that people consider when purchasing a home is its proximity to markets, shopping centers, commercial establishments and places of leisure and entertainment. Living near shops and restaurants where one can quickly get the day’s necessities or grab a bite with friends and family is irresistible especially to practical urbanites.

Another major point that would-be homeowners consider is security.

Having to worry about an unsafe neighborhood causes stress, anxiety and even depression. Nothing can make one sleep better at night than knowing very well that you are in a secure community and your family and home are safe from danger and intruders. Living in a safe neighborhood also gives you peace of mind when you need to leave the house for work or errands.

We grew up being friends with the neighbors and having the kids next door as our playmates. Naturally, we want our children to be socialized the same way.

Daycare centers and dedicated play areas in residential developments where kids can socialize outside of school is a must, especially for parents with young children. Likewise, facilities for fitness and wellness are also crucial for would-be homeowners. After all, a place of residence is also a place where one can develop his or her wellbeing.


Good thing property developers seriously consider these factors. Empire East Land Holdings Inc., for instance, is focused on creating transit-oriented developments all over the city.

The trusted property developer provides its residents the ease of urban living with its developments in San Juan (Little Baguio Terraces), Mandaluyong (Pioneer Woodlands), Makati (San Lorenzo Place) and Sta. Mesa, Manila (Covent Garden).

But despite the highly accessible location of its developments, Empire East assures its residents of a secure community.

A home—whether it is a stand-alone house or a condominium unit—is a place to recharge. Why wait until that out of town break to de-stress when you can begin to unwind right at your very own home?

Going home to Empire East’s Kasara Urban Resort Residences and The Rochester, which are both in Pasig and Mango Tree Residences in San Juan is like going on a vacation every single day. The Philippines, after all, is a tropical country so what better way to live by that than going home to a resort-inspired residence.

The lush landscaping and topnotch amenities can magically transport you to that island paradise in your mind once you come home from work.

For inquiries, call 810-3333 or chat with Empire East LIVE! at http://www.empire-east.com. You can also follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.