What It’s Like to Have a Filipino Dad

Fathers are the great example of wisdom and strength. They know almost everything which makes you look up to him. His jokes are funny in his own way. And, he truly knows how to intimidate your suitor. (Girls, right?)
Dads can be strict sometimes, but he sure has a big heart for his family. All he ever wanted is to give what he thinks is best for his loved ones.
This Father’s Day, let’s pay tribute to our dads and appreciate their remarkable moments by listing down some relatable images which sum up what it’s like to have a Filipino Dad.
Filipino Dad Starter Pack
Photo Credits to ME.ME
We are pleased to confirm that Filipino dads have a uniform. And you can’t judge them, no.
His deadly “K”
Photo Credits to COINS.PH
You’re enjoying a night out with friends, it’s only , and the party’s just getting started. Your phone buzzes and you look up to see Dad’s name on the phone. He’s asking where you are, who’s with you, and what time can he fetch you. You answer all his questions to receive a precious “K.”
Also, he believes that your mom knows everything.
See: “Tanong mo sa mama mo.”
When Karaoke hits…
Photo Credits to FILWEBASIA
In every party your family attends, you’re not surprised to hear “My Way”, “Delilah”, or Engelbert Humperdinck’s “Lonely is a Man without Love”. You know that the party won’t end without hearing these songs, so you let them be.
Oh, no.
Photo Credits to @GAVMEMES
Dads are known to be silent and calm but TO BE HONEST, they are scarier than mom!
“What do you want?”
Photo Credits to IMGFLIP
Last but not the least, they always are suspicious when you become super malambing towards them.
EXPECT TO HEAR: “Wala ka ng allowance, ano?”
No matter how baduy or cool your dad is, you can’t deny how big your love is for him.
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