GET GOING no matter what life throws at you

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

There are days when life can feel as if you’re fighting a hard battle as we continuously face some obligations, problems and personal issues that could bring drastic changes to our daily routine.

Every day we are taught to always expect the unexpected because as cliché as this may sound, life is unpredictable. But the reality is that it doesn’t matter how much you prepare, the universe always finds a  way to surprise you with situations that are mostly not in your favor. But what do we do? We don’t give up. We get going along with time as it never rests.

We got you some tips on how to get going during difficult times.



    Hearing the blast of your alarm first thing in the morning can sometimes put you in a bad mood. But if you try to smile as soon as you wake up, your day will take a right turn. This habit may sound so simple, but it will improve your mood and make you as happy as getting your first cup of joe.



    Squeeze in a quick workout every morning even just for 20 mins.  Studies show that working out stimulates a lot of activity in the brain like neural growth, reduced inflammation and it even releases endorphins that can help you boost your energy and mood.  Plus working out can be a social activity if you choose it to be.



    Keeping a good group people around you will help you develop a more positive perspective on life.  Hanging out with negative people can suck away all the good energy around you. Remember you only have so much power in one day to waste on people who don’t matter




    As humans, we all make mistakes which cause life to be trickier. But this doesn’t mean we should forget about the good things that come to us. Always take time to pause and reflect on all the good moments you had for that day. Also try to be more grateful even for the smallest things like good weather, finding a parking spot, your morning coffee, and food.




    To conquer life is to know oneself. Prioritize your needs before anyone else’s.  Investing in yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do it by reading a book, learning a new language, teaching yourself how to cook. These are just some of the simplest of tasks that can make you an empowered person.Always remember that despite the negative things in life that we have no control of, we can rise up and find the motivation to move on and GET GOING. Afterall, we owe ourselves the successes that life is offering us.

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