The trip to work is a long battle and everyday hassle for some, if not for all. It is a constant scenario that you have to face every morning. A sea of people, overloaded buses, and cars lining up on the road: these are some of the scenes that will start your day. It will make your palm sweaty, knees weak, and arms heavy. It’s something that would drain you out first thing in the morning.


Commuting, however, has its benefits despite its issues. For someone without a private car, it is a cheaper and more practical option. No need to worry about costly  expenses for diesel, parking, and technical maintenance. Also, if you’re lucky enough, you can rest or even sleep all throughout your commute instead of driving yourself to office and back home.


Here are some tips to further beat the hassle of commuting:


  1. Fuel your day with breakfast

There’s no better way to start your morning but by having a delicious meal. Can you imagine that fresh and inspiring aroma of morning coffee? It would help ease your impatience and annoyance and would make you feel great.


  1. Turn on the positivity before you leave your home

Feed yourself with positive thoughts so that your aura could resonate positivity and excitement throughout your day. Meditate or read a nugget of wisdom that you can contemplate on your commute. Instead of posting rants on your commute struggle online, try to visit Facebook pages or Instagram feeds which tickle your interests and generate inspiration.


  1. Listen to your favorite tunes

Music helps us calm our senses. Depending what genre of music is on your playlist, it will surely keep you upbeat and stress-free (or, at least, lessen your stress). Just ensure that earphones won’t impair your sense of hearing and alertness when crossing the street or riding public transport to avoid accidents.


  1. Smile

The most expensive-looking accessory that you can wear everyday is your smile. It is free, but it will make you look sophisticated and powerful! Share it with a stranger and let the world flow in kindness and positivity.


  1. Choose premium city experience

Why settle for less when you can afford premium services and offers? Make use of various transportation means, which provide comfort and convenience to the daily commuter. Save yourself your precious time and resources as well! Good thing real estate developer Empire East Elite provides a permanent premium city living experience through its roster of Transit-Oriented Developments. Projects like Pioneer Woodlands and San Lorenzo Place are directly connected to the MRT-3’s Boni Avenue and Magallanes Avenue stations respectively


By choosing to live in any of these projects, there’s no need to worry about getting to your city destinations as your office, school, or even shopping and entertainment hubs only a few blocks away from your home!


What’s even better is that now, you can have premium city living for as low as Php 18,000 monthly!


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