Summer’s officially over, and the rain is already pouring outside! Yikes! Are you ready for this rainy season?

It’s easy to care less about the rainy season if you’re living in a condo since your elevated location exempts you from the flood. However, you must maintain and take care of your units the same way to prevent damages. Remember that prevention is a key!

Though Empire East has quality projects that can withstand different weather conditions, putting some extra care to your home won’t hurt a bit. We have listed down five things that you must do to prepare your condo unit this rainy season.

1. Make sure that your windows and doors are leak-proof.

Image from Home Improvements

Check your balcony door and windows for gaps and make sure that they will close all throughout. Window and door gaps allow rainwater to enter your home, which causes leaks to the units on the lower floors. To prevent this, you can use some simple renovations like window realignment and by applying waterproofing solvents.

You have to ensure, as well, that your windows can be closed and sealed correctly.

2. Provide an area where you can place your wet shoes and umbrella.

Image from Stabbed in Back

Wet things are normal during this season – and it can get messier so expect muddy shoes!

If you don’t like those things to be scattered around your home, you must dedicate an area where you can put them until it all dries up. Provide a basket or tray where you can put your wet stuff to drain. You can also search online for DIY solutions for a more personalized look.

3. Know where your electrical system is.

Image from Spyrka Electric

Most condominium projects, if not all, have generators, that’s for sure!

But, if the need arises and the building administrators decide to switch off all the power, you must be familiar where your fuse box is so you can have quick access should the need arises!

4. Inspect your unit thoroughly.

Image from Vancouver Sun

To avoid some unwanted hassle and to enjoy your hibernation period, check your unit thoroughly before the storm hits your area so that you’ll be able to fix it right away.

5. Stock up on food and emergency essentials.

Image from VSurvivalists

If the storm is a big hit, classes and work (in some cases) can be suspended. Major roads are flooded and become impassable, so you wouldn’t want to leave your home.

Stock up on food before the storm hits so that you will not be stranded on the road buying groceries and other things. Also, some people choose to close their stores during this season so beware.

Make sure to prepare your emergency kit, as well, just in case!

Enjoy a great staycation at home this rainy season in your Empire East condo unit! Reserve a unit now for only PHP25,000 that will shelter and protect you from the big storm, keep you safe and warm!

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