EMBRACE THE NEW ENERGY: Achieve Your Financial Dreams This 2019


When the year turns new, the urge to set goals and plan our steps towards them tremendously increases. Often, taking advantage of this new energy could propel us faster and closer to our resolutions, including “financial independence.”


Here are some ways to help us achieve our financial dreams this 2019!


1. Establish Your Career

Having precise knowledge of your skills could help you land the ideal job. Whether you have a knack for analytics, writing, or art, establishing who you are at the beginning is vital in choosing where to work, growing your portfolio and eventually, earning a bigger paycheck.

This also applies to a shift in your choice of company or career. Make sure to assess which business could merit most from your background of experiences so you can have better control over your advancement. Once you have established your career, expect your income to flow steadily.


2. Start a Small Business

If the office set-up doesn’t suit you, consider running your own business. With today’s digital tools, anyone could learn start-ups that range from manufacturing and production of homegrown products to skills services and ‘Buy and Sell’.

According to DTI, about 99% of registered businesses in the country are made up of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which in turn, energizes the Philippine economy. This rate only promises a bigger success potential when you start your own.

Is there anything you think you are good at that has the potential to be turned into a business and churn income?


3. Consider Stocks and Insurance Investments

Be bold enough to open a stocks account with the trusted financial company of your choice or, include it in your life insurance plan. Sometimes, the best way to earn more is to take that leap of faith and invest in companies through stocks buying and trading.

Today’s top insurance companies have also been presenting themselves as a financial adviser to help achieve any of your future goals – from college funding of your kids to buying a house with the benefit of life, accident, and hospitalization coverage. Cash value yields from this type of service may be higher than your regular savings account in banks so it could definitely be a huge help.


4. Invest in Real Estate

Colliers International reports a strong investment forecast from the luxury market, which strengthens the real estate industry. Investing in real estate now can be fruitful in later years as interest and mortgage rates are expected to rise due to continuous improvements in skylines and communities through the government mandate of more projects in infrastructure. Thus, anyone who acquires a property today could expect better income potential through rental and sales in the future.



Achieving financial independence can be tough given that there are competition and challenges ahead, but knowing how and where to start could greatly help in planning for the future.


Embrace this New Year’s energy by considering investing in Empire East’s Pioneer Woodlands along EDSA corner Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. This six-tower residential development, directly linked to MRT 3 Boni Avenue Station, offers the advantage of a strategic location with close proximity to central business districts like Ortigas, Makati and BGC.

Investing in this residential development could help one’s career as travel time to the workplace could be faster. Entrepreneurs could also take advantage of the thriving community that takes their businesses closer to their stakeholders.


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