Everyday, most city-living folks find themselves doing the same things over and over. They wake up, have breakfast, drop off their kids to school, head to work and clock-out from the office at 5:00 PM. But the day won’t end there. Their evenings are filled with other rituals like laundry and dinner preparation. In some lucky nights, they get to have a private date with their partners or time to unwind. Despite this daily grind, common in the city lifestyle, a huge number of people still dream of being able find time to exercise; either by going to the gym or hitting the road for a quick run.

Exercising magically sheds out all the stress from one’s body. It gives the body and mind a quick boost enough for the tired city folks to recharge and think more clearly. It’s more than just a way to lose weight. In fact, several studies have shown that exercise can reduce the symptoms of depression and changes the chemicals in the brain in ways similar to antidepressant medications. For old folks, any form of physical activity may delay cognitive decline and improve certain aspects of thinking.

But just how can busy city-living folks squeeze in exercise in their daily routine? We’ve listed some ways:




 Walking is a simple deed that can help you burn the stress and the extra fats gradually every day. Instead of taking the jeepney or taking your car with you when doing errands, walk. If you’re just going to buy some groceries try walking from your home to the store. Take the public transportation and walk from your office to the terminals. Make it a habit to count your steps by downloading helpful activity-utility apps, which helps track your steps, heartbeat and calories burned. There are plenty opportunities to walk every day so get that body moving. 


Avoid the elevators unless you’re going to floors above 10th. but if you can walk that high, why not turn it into a chance to exercise further? Choosing the stairs over the elevator is a great way to tone your legs, knees and heart.




Even if you have someone to clean your place, take the initiative to sweep the floor and organize things by yourself. It’ll only take an average of 15mins. to clean one area of your house. Do anything from moving furniture, to sweeping the floor and dusting surfaces! Not only could you get a pretty decent workout, but you also get to have a cleaner house every day.



Find someone who has the same route as you have when going home. Having a buddy while you walk could help divert your attention to the conversations you’re having from the kilometers you’re treading. Adding a social element can make long walks feel shorter.



Consume what you burn. Don’t over eat. Given that you only have a limited chance to burn those extra calories, be extra picky on the food that you ingest. Make it a point to always look in the nutrition facts before buying. A piece of cookie for example, packs a huge 50-calories punch. This is equal to 30 mins. brisk walking! Imagine if you had two, you’d have to spend an hour to burn it off. So, if you can, be extra mindful of what you eat.


Studies show that most gym memberships rise on the first month of the year, which gradually decline as the months go by. Some people who enrolled themselves into a gym eventually feel uninspired to come back after a month or two because of so many reasons, including the gym’s proximity. Because city-living folks have work and families to attend to, they often exchange their gym time to more important things like family time. However, why must people compromise important habits and activities in their lives, when clearly, there are many things they can do to strike a balance among family, work and health. Good thing home developer Empire East understands the lifestyle of city-living folks. Thus, they create themed residential communities, right at the most accessible locations in Metro Manila, with built-in fitness amenities like gyms, lap pools, jogging trails and sports courts for basketball and tennis.


Some of the developments with this type of complete recreational facilities are The Rochester, a Mediterranean-themed residential development with eleven mid- to high-rise towers, along Elisco Road in San Joaquin, Pasig City and The Kasara Urban Resort Residences along Eagle St. C5 Road, Pasig City. The company’s newest development, Covent Garden in Santol St. Ext. Santa Mesa, Manila is also conveniently near V. Mapa station of the LRT 2 and Sta. Mesa station of the PNR, which residents can opt to walk to when they need to squeeze in exercise in their lives.


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