Live at the Center of Metro Manila – Shaw Boulevard

The daily grind has all of Metro Manila professionals, businessmen, students and longtime friends wishing that they could live at the center of everything they need to be in their lives; Such as schools, offices, medical institutions, shopping centers and of course, meet-up hubs and events place!

Besides, who wouldn’t want a convenient way to catch up with friends without spending too much time on the road? Time and again, we ask our relatives and friends to meet us halfway so both sides will have equal amounts of sacrifice and comfort without threatening the peace. In fact, this has been a recent topic in a now viral tweet.

While the “true center” has been debated time and again, with some even saying “Makati”, others, “Cubao,” Empire East defines the true center, technically speaking, as the Shaw Boulevard station of the MRT-3. Literally, with six stations up north and six stations down south, Shaw Boulevard visually proves that EDSA’s midpoint is truly Shaw.

PAD train map

Live at the center of the metro by choosing the Paddington Place located along Shaw Blvd. This 4-tower modern cosmopolitan enclave is only a 3-min. walk to the Shaw Blvd. station of the MRT-3.

Reserve your unit now by calling 8103333. To know more about The Paddington Place, visit to know more about this centrally located condo.

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