Friday the 13th or even just the number 13, has long been associated with bad luck. Although there isn’t any clear answer as to how this superstition started, researchers say that it may have had a biblical origin because it was the 13th disciple who betrayed Jesus on the Last Supper; and that his crucifixion the next day fell on a Friday.

The fear of this day has spread throughout the world with lots of people even resorting to Feng Shui or other rituals just to keep their luck in tact! However, there are still some people who consider Friday the 13th as any other ordinary day.

Tomorrow, October 13th is the second and final Friday the 13th of the year. Will you be limiting the fun because of a belief? Or will you still go about your day feeling fresh and carefree?

Regardless of your belief, here are some activities we can suggest to help you still enjoy the day!



Catch up on those TV shows and movies that has been your hard drive for so long. This is your chance to give yourself a break to just lounge in your pajamas  and enjoy your unlimited popcorn!

BONUS: Easy to make snacks for your movie night!


Invite your girl friends over and have the most mature sleepover like talking about your exes or boyfriends! Ha! You can even have your own fashion show or even just a simple movie night! The night is young and pretty sure you and your girlfriends can come up with something fun to do.

BONUS: Yummy recipes for a girls night IN! 



Be the masterchef of your own home! Take this opportunity to practice on those recipes you’ve been dying to try yourself. And by the time regular days arrive you are now an expert on brining baon for lunch which could also help you save loads of money just from buying food.

BONUS: Pre-packed lunch recipes for the working professional! 



What I’m about to tell you can be a little hypocritical for some but it makes sense. If you’ve got nothing to do on this freaky night, why don’t you take the edge off by sweating out? Most of the condos homes have fantastic gyms that you don’t get to use every day. Well, this is your chance to use this perk and have the fittest night you’ll ever have.

But if you’re really the ‘tamad’ person, you can do your squats and ab workout at your living room.

BONUS: Quick, Easy, Intense, is the best workout for you


Swim your heart out under the night sky! Cool yourself after a busy day while swimming in the silent waters of the pool. Having a swimming pool in your own home is one of the best perks of living a condominium!

Remove the freaky Friday thought and make friends by the pool. You never know you might find a neighbor you can clique with.

Imagine having a close-friend neighbor whom you can easily run to should you need help for anything!

BONUS: Bring the resort to your home!

If everything on these list is something your wish to do even if its just a regular friday, well you are definitely fit to a condo lifestyle! Learn more about what’s best for you by calling 810-3333 or you can chat with us LIVE! at http://www.empire-east.com. You can also follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for real time updates. 

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