When we talk about work, people would easily point you to Makati City. Knowing that top of the line companies reside here, there’s no doubt that every career-oriented person would want to make a residence in this district. But, Makati City isn’t just about your career’s  ideal neighborhood. It also houses, food hubs that are worth for your hard-earned money.

To help you find these exciting hubs we’ve prepared you a list for everyone’s preferred cuisine!


Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Kalayaan Ave, corner Makati Ave, Makati City

Anyeonghaseo! Find your Oppa in this authentic Korean barbeque place! They offer a standard buffet price that is worth PHP 499 for unlimited samgyupsal (pork) and Woo Sam Kyup (beef)! You can also enjoy their side dish buffet that includes japchae, omelet, rice, kimchi, basically everything from lettuce to all kinds of fruits. Get your money’s worth in this unique buffet. NO TIME LIMIT!


Ukokkei Ramen Ron
Arnaiz Ave., San Lorenzo, Makati City

Itadakimasu!  Your Ramen cravings can easily put you into bankrupt! Good thing this hole-in-the wall ramen place can save you and your budget! Satisfy your cravings with nothing above PHP 400!! Sources say Ukokkei Ramen Ron had been in the industry since 2008. They have been  known as ‘Ramen Nazi’ due to their no-sharing, no-loitering-after-eating-policies though their rigid rules had relaxed over the years. There must-try would be the Tantanmen (peanut sauce noodles) which is only available at 6 PM onwards.



Toyo Eatery
Chino Roces Avenue, Karrivin Plaza, Makati City

Bringing you the perfect twist in Filipino Cuisine! It can be a little expensive but it will surely reinvent your Filipino taste buds as it Chef Jordy elevates every Filipino dish that we know of. This surely is a great place to bring our balikbayan family and friends.  There must try is their grilled belly and loin bangus with Toyo Eatey silog! Because who doesn’t love bangus belly?


Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
2/L Patriarch Building, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

What can ever go wrong with dimsum? Lucky Rainbow Restaurant is all about being instagram-worthy from its interiors to its delicious meals! The chinese lanterns, ornately embroidered table clothes, napkins and curtains all contributes to that total Chinese Dining experience. There must try food is the Fried Suahe with salted egg yolk! And of course, who dines in a Chinese restaurant without the Peking Duck! Taste authentic Duck Meat in this gem of a place just near Waltermart Makati!


Siamaroi Thai
124 Jupiter St., Bel-air, Makati City

Siam is the old name of Thailand and Aroi meansyummy in Thai This hole-in-the-wall restaurant is hidden along Jupiter St. in Makati.  It is owned by Thai family where its owner personally cooks the food for its customers guaranteeing its authenticity. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by its homey ambiance and  a sari-sari like store of Thai goods. They are known for its Khor Moo Yang ( Roast Pork Neck with special sauce) and Papaya Salad Crispy Pork.


Persia Grill
Legazpi St. Makati City

Craving for Middle Eastern Food? This Middle Eastern restaurant uses heirloom recipes from Kiam Kazemi’s (owner) grandmother’s kitchen! They recommend starting with the Peshgahza, Feta Cheese and Pita Bread. Then go for the Lamb Biryani and Kebab with Burani Sauce and Basmati Rice topped Ox Brain. This place is best for family and friends due to its wide and open interiors not to mention its affordable price of about  500/head.


Sultan Mediterranean Grill
Valero Plaza,  San Augustin, Makati City

It used to be a hole-in-the-wall restaurant back in 2010 and now it is turned into a full-on restaurant vibe.  Serving mediterranean cuisine can be a challenge in the Philippines but this restaurant will give you worth of your money with its authentic taste. The servings in this place are generous and fairly price. The must trys are the Tropical Dream Salad, Falafel (fried patty made of chickpeas), Moussaka and the Braised Lamba Shanks.

We sure hope that this list has brought you serious hunger and cravings because we are bringing you closer to these authentic restaurants with Empire East’s San Lorenzo Place in Makati City!
San Lorenzo place is one of Empire East’s transit-oriented development where it is directly connected to MRT Magallanes Station.  It is strategically located at  EDSA corner Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City where public transportations are available just outside the gates. It also houses its own mall which makes it easier for its future homeowners to shop and dine at the same time. Living here is like finding the right opportunity at well renowned work places and business abound without sacrificing your budget just to get the best home of convenience.

To know more, call 810-3333 or chat with one of their customer representatives LIVE! at www.empire-east.com. You can also Like/Follow Empire East with the username: @empireeast on facebook, twitter and instagram for real time updates.


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