ART4Kids love playing with colors and drawings. You’ll see their art on walls, books, or any area of the house where they could stick their crayons and pencils in; leaving us parents a little stressed for all the mess we had to clean up. But did you know that this fun activity is beneficial to your child’s early development?


ART is more than just the drawings that come out of it. Research shows that various art activities, including painting, singing, and dancing, could help develop your child’s early brain development, mastery, creativity, and independence.

Art makes your child feel independent

With every stroke of crayon, your child is making an independent decision on self-expressing his or her imagination. It could also help boost your kid’s self-esteem as works of art made from your child’s pure dedication tends to generate a feeling of accomplishment in the end.

Art helps your child express himself better


Through art, you are giving your child endless ways to express ideas that could spark their curiosity.  It could also enhance their social skills and level of appreciation when they work with a group.

Art prepares kids for school

Because of a child’s naturally curious disposition, independence, and self-expression, art trains him to become more prepared for bigger tasks at home and in school. They can sharpen their brains to take on more cognitive roles as they age.

This coming August 4, 2017, real estate developer Empire East will be launching its art class program titled ‘heART’ under the banner Empire East Cares. The objective of this activity is to enhance the art skills and share its benefits among school-aged kids in Santa Maria, Laguna.


Follow the Empire East Cares journey using the hashtag #EmpireEastCares or Like/Follow @empireeast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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