Having a home of your own is solely not about financial commitment but it is also about committing yourself socially as you get to live in a new environment and in a different setting that can upgrade your way of living. Decisions in buying a home do not always depend on how big your budget is but rather how good the development is.  You think of having a big comfortable but you don’t want to sacrifice the convenience of your location from transportations, or you want a home surrounded by nature but you don’t want to leave your work in the city? In this era of modern rapid development, anything can be possible. Which is why we’ve prepared you a list that can give you the right condo lifestyle!

  1. You prefer Mobility as the center of your lifestyle

Condo developments are usually built where business offices and transportation is convenient for its future homeowners. Living in a condo will give you easy access to work, dining, and to transacting your vital transactions at your own convenience while living in a bliss of paradise.


Pioneer Woodlands and San Lorenzo Place are two of Empire East’s transit-oriented developments. Both are physically connected to one of the country’s main railway such as the Boni Avenue and Magallanes MRT stations respectively. These developments also come with high-end facilities such as a lap pool, gym and sky gardens. 

  1. You prefer someone else to handle outside work (landscape/gardens)

You love living near green spaces but has neither time nor patience to maintain them. If this is the case then, living in a condo is right for you. One of the benefits of living in a condo is the freedom from maintaining your garden decks yet you can still afford to live in residential condos that are built in a garden community setting.


Mango Tree Residences is an Italian-inspired garden community built at the heart of San Juan City. You’ll never miss your morning walks in these state of the art gardens surrounded by homegrown mango trees. It uniquely offers amenities such as a yoga station, al fresco lounge, pools and amazing garden decks.

  1. You enjoy fitness activities but only if you are near with the right equipment

    Most condominiums boasts their high-end facilities such as a theatre room, gym, lap pools, jogging paths, clubhouse and etc. These are just some benefits that you won’t get when you live in an average home or apartment building.

    Enjoy exclusivity while putting your fitness a priority. Covent Garden, conveniently located in Sta. Mesa right in the middle of V. Mapa and Pureza LRT stations offers high end facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, and a jogging path. Ideally made for students and young professionals who are always on the go. Don’t sacrifice your health just because you’re busy.
  2. You prefer doing your own interior

You wanted so badly to design your own room but you can’t because you’re just renting out. You can’t have your own room because buying a house is not practical right now, but you can get not just your own room but an entire flat with kitchen and toilet and bath that you can paint and put pictures on wall as many as you want.
Covent Garden Model Unit (4) with watermark

  1. You want have a place you can call your own

    Getting an apartment or a house is actually more expensive than getting a condo unit. The fact that you won’t have the opportunity of enjoying the amenities like the pool, gym and a 24/7 security when you live in apartments and freehold homes is already a done deal. You can get affordable deals when buying a condo especially if you’ll be purchasing units that are pre-selling. Plus you’ll have a community to share the major costs on its amenities which is also known as ‘Association dues’.

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