Are you ready to be INDEPENDENT?

Moving out of your parents’ home is one of the most independent things you’ll ever do in your life. By doing this you’ll be able to develop and test your level of independence and maturity. Living alone may sound exciting and easy but there are factors that you should consider before leaving your parents’ home. You should be aware of your responsibilities like food, laundry, and bills (lots of them)

To help you achieve that successful independent life, here are some useful tips to help you decide.

Financial Stability


Living independently requires you to attend to all your bills and basic needs like food and clothing. You have to learn how to budget your money to avoid money problems every month. Know your salary average by computing what you got for the past six months and divide it to six. From this you’ll be able to make a budget plan for a week/month. If your money is enough to get you by and the same time you can still save money for the future, then I guess you are ready.

Tip: Multiply your salary to .28 to know the ideal amount for your rental fee

The Roommate


Before looking for an apartment or a condo, consider if you’re taking in a roommate or not. Getting a roommate will help you determine how big you’ll be getting. The advantage of getting a roommate is that they can help you with your expenses and at the same time give you a chance to look for a bigger place while not giving you a headache for shouldering all the expenses. Try to look at it as an opportunity, maybe this can be your solution to getting a rent to own place.

Tip: You can also invite cousins or nephews to live with you

 The Pep Talk


Living home can also be an advantage to you since you’ll able to save money and have more time to build up your work experience. Though some parents wants their kids to be gone as soon as they had their first job. If you’re really eager to move out, don’t be shy to talk it out with your parents about it. If your parents are against it just tell them that you’ll always keep in touch and all of this is normal, but if they agree with you, then all is good. They might even give you money to start off.

Tip: Ask your family for help when you need it. By doing this, your parents will feel valuable and needed

Emotionally Stable


Brace yourself. Living independently can be really lonely. So ask yourself, am I emotionally ready?

It won’t be the same everyday where in you wake up and there’s food for you on the table, your clothes are already clean and folded, you won’t worry a thing about electricity or whatever bills you have. Reflect on yourself, if you think you are more productive when you are alone or you still need your parents aid to give you that feeling of settlement

Tip: Be an open book, always share your worries to your parents this will help you be more emotionally ready

Home Type

Once you have decided to move out of the house, think about what type of residence you’ll be living in. Will it be a room sharing, condo sharing, an apartment, a studio type condo or in a dormitory.

If you’re planning to live in a condo, its best to invest early by purchasing pre-selling developments. You can purchase a condo unit while you’re still in your parents’ house. This way you’ll be able to save money and at the same time invest on your future home. Loving in a condominium especially if you are working near business districts like Makati and Mandaluyong is very ideal since some condos are known to give you an ambience of a home with its amenities and facilities.

Have a piece of paradise while living near well-renowned company offices and business with Empire East’s transit-oriented developments in Mandaluyong and Makati City.  Giving you equal access to north and south destinations, Pioneer Woodlands is physically connected to Boni Avenue MRT station. Located along Pioneer St. corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, set right across Robinsons Forum, and as short as 5km away from huge malls like Shangri-La and Megamall. While San Lorenzo Place is physically located connected to Magallanes MRT Station. It is a four tower development located at EDSA corner, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, bringing you closer to Makati Central Business District where you can find ideal work places and business abound. Living here will erase your worries when attending your vital transactions as you can attend yo them at your convenience.

For inquiries, call Empire East at 02-8103333, or text. 0917-8- EMPIRE (367473).
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