It’s that time of the year again! We’ve all been there; Planning out our whole year dedicated to burning all the fats we acquired during the holidays but always ends up eating more and making lots and lots of excuses. But it’s 2017! And we are all starting with a clean slate. To avoid all this mishaps from happening again, we made you a cheat list to help you get ready on your first day to a better you!


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This should be your number one priority in your gym bag. Forget the rest just not this. Having an empty and refillable water bottle on the go will make sure you’re properly hydrated every time you are at the gyn. Also you can use it as your shaker bottle for your supplements and protein shakes.



Without the proper clothes, you won’t be able to do your workout properly. Invest on quality shoes and workout clothes that are breathable and well-fitted clothing. When it comes to buying the right shoes, it’s safe to buy running shoes or cross-trainers so it could support you for any type of training that you’ll do. Lastly, before you hit the gym, always remember to pack your workout clothes and and extra lose shirts to wear after work out.


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Use this as your motivation and at the same time your tempo guide when working out. Listening to upbeat music while running can actually help you increase your running speed as well. Having a personal selection of music can help you boost confidence and even help you divert your attention from running out of breath. You can always search on the internet to get ideas from other people when it comes to creating their own work-out playlist. Use your phone or ipod or an mp3 player and pack some headphones.


Making a list of shower goodies can vary depending on who’s using it. The standard essentials of shower goodies are soap, shampoo, scrub, lotion, deodorant, towel for hygienic purposes even though some gym provide you a towel and a slipper, because we don’t want to risk any bacteria on our feet from the gym’s public shower.


Truth be told you don’t need a trainer to help you get fit. All you need is a properly researched work out plan or you can just a routine and you can just do it yourself. You don’t need someone shouting at you, counting for you and reminding you to do this and to do that. What you need is motivation, perseverance, and music. In fact, you don’t need a gym to go be fit. There are a lot of work-out programs that can be done at home and you can easily find them online, one of the most popular is the Nike+Training Club App. For one it’s free and you can always access it on your phone anytime and anywhere. But, if you really are into going to the gym but doesn’t have enough time and money, Covent Garden has the perfect amenities to accommodate all your fitness needs. In this two-tower development, you will find high-end jogging facilities with jogging paths that will help you achieve that summer Fitspiration. This community is a sanctuary in the middle of V.Mapa and Pureza LRT 2 stations. Some of its amenities also include a 22-meter lap pool, outdoor bar and lounge, fitness gym, function hall, CCTV on common areas from 2nd to 4th floor and a kiddie pool and playground for kids of family residents.

Give yourself a chance to a better you at Covent Garden!

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