Traffic is the greatest nightmare of every commuter; a nightmare we never wake up to.
We ingest traffic before we go to work and surrender ourselves again to another set of traffic when going home. It never ends and probably will get worse through the years.

According to a report from CNN last 2015, Metro Manila was named as having the “worst traffic on Earth” based on the global evaluation conducted by Waze – a GPS-based navigation app.



But what does really cause the congested traffic we experience every day?

Some may say that traffic is caused by jeepney drivers who refuse to follow the rules, bus and taxis that stop abruptly anywhere just to take in passengers, roads that are under construction that take as long as someone remembers and water lines that are always under repair.

However, the causes of traffic are not limited to the mentioned above. Another reason can be the overpopulation of not just the residents but of private vehicles as well. The Land Transportation Office (DOTC-LTO) shows a total of 2,101,148 motor vehicles registered in NCR for the year 2013, or 27% of the country’s 7, 690, 038 registered motor vehicles. In 2015, Metro Manila has peaked at 2.5 million.

Metro Manila’s traffic is like a loop; we start our day with traffic and end it with more traffic. This dilemma doesn’t only happen in the streets but also with us. We struggle riding the MRT, the LRT and especially the hardship we have to go through just to make it to the PNR train. Our daily lives are greatly affected by the congested traffic in Metro Manila and it’s because of our lack of discipline. The problem is us but the solution also lies within us.

Top real estate developer, Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. understands the struggle of every student and working professionals had to go through when commuting. In line with this, Empire East has created transit-oriented developments in Makati and Mandaluyong City namely the San Lorenzo Place and Pioneer Woodlands. Both are physically connected to one of the country’s main railway respectively Boni Avenue MRT station and Magallanes MRT station giving you the convenience of transportation as well as serve as your haven in the middle of the city. These developments are packed with recreational amenities such as a 25m lap swimming pool, wading pool, paved sunbathing deck, Jacuzzi, playground for kids, a jogging path, fitness gym and a clubhouse.



To know more about San Lorenzo Place and Pioneer Woodlands, call 810-3333 or follow us on our social media accounts:

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