We are days away from Holy Week and most of us probably had our plans outside of town. But some of us prefer staying at home which is why we’ve prepared you a list of things you can do without troubling yourself with planning itineraries and haggling your budget just to maximize your holiday in its full potential.

Holy Week-02.jpg

This may sound ambitious especially to those who refuse to go on a diet but jogging or joining a yoga session can help you release all that negative energy. Take this as a way for you to freshen up for next week.


Binge on those movies and TV shows you don’t get to watch because of your hectic schedule. You can even make a timetable for your TV shows so that you won’t miss a single episode of GAME OF THRONES (GOT) COOK


Experiment on different recipes this week by adding a little of your personal taste to the ingredients. Who knows you just might discover your own recipe and move on to publishing your own cookbook!


Take a refreshing dip in the pool just like you are in a resort. There’s nothing an hour at the pool can’t cure.

Holy Week-01.jpg

Spend your Holy Week the traditional way by going around visiting some of the most beautiful churches in Manila.


Holy Week-03.jpg

Tired of seeing the same environment every day? Check-in to one the hotels in the metro where you can simply relax and feel like a royalty even just for three days or you can use this time to scout for homes or condos that suit your lifestyle! It can be a resort type community such as that at the Kasara Urban Residences or you can have an Asian feel of serenity with high-end amenities at The Rochester. At Empire East, achieve your desired lifestyle.

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